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Musicology Now, 16 November Emiliano Ricciardi — Research Affiliate. Open-access and interactive digital platform through which music historians, performers and literary scholars will be able to access and analyse late 16th- and early 17th-century settings of the poetry of Torquato Tasso. Project to enhance historical understanding of corporeal, sexual, psychological, political and spiritual kinds of transformation in the Early Modern world earlymodernconversions.

Web-based tool to run sophisticated analytical queries on large musical corpora elvis. International collaboration to discuss and research, in various ways, the formation of new groups of association which appeared in early modern Europe www. Duties included transcription of Renaissance works into modern edition, translation of Italian Renaissance treatises, translation of contemporary Italian scholarship, creation and curation of musical examples for publication, proofreading of scholarly articles, prose editing of grant applications and book proposals, and data collection.

Community Activities Tallis Choir active present High-level amateur choir specializing in music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. McGill Early Notation Sight-Singing Ensemble active Non-performing pedagogical ensemble dedicated to the sight-reading of late-fifteenth and early-sixteenth-century notation, led by Julie Cumming. Served as substitute conductor in case of Cumming s absence.

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Semi-pro booked performances in a variety of venues in Canada and the United States. Canadian open work visa valid through July References Prof. Laurie Stras julie. Stras soton. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Your daddy, Jordan.

He wasn't all bad, though.

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Roars into my life; me nineteen, him from Birmingham, which to us spelled glamour. He'd been exiled there by the local police. I'm living in exile, 'en I? He roars in on a big fucking motorbike. Stops right in front of me; helmet off, black hair. He took me for a ride.

Manual Vita post mortem (Italian Edition)

I had a fast turnover; I threw them over like red rough onion skins, in my search for that pure white core, strong enough to make your eyes water. Damp alleys, backs of cars, rarely beds. Men like lard; men like soggy chip papers in the rain. But Davey was different. With him, it was all going to be different. We were in love, he told me.

It was official. Don't expect me to keep saying it. I didn't mind.

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You take what you can get in this world, don't you? I did. Seized this unlikely lad with all my might. I wanted him because he was different. Different spelled exciting; spelled love, spelled future, spelled take me away from here and breathe life into me. So he took me away. He'd take me away from the little shop where I worked.

Fizzy drinks, tea towels and things made out of seashells. Us roaring down the prom, strolling old ladies tutting: 'She'll come to no good! For the first time in my life I felt awake. Everything before had made me tired. I dozed through school, I slept through years, dreaming of somewhere else. No mistaking that.


Ooh, she's lovely-looking. Well, I kissed a hundred frogs. Mind you, Jordan, so did Mum. Married a toad. My dad. When I was a kid he seemed huge. Thick brows, pop eyes, big fists.

It wasn't till I grew up that I realised what a shortarse he was. Some days my mother would appear with strange colours on her face, swollen like she'd been to the dentist. Used to frighten me, that. Cause no one else could see the colours 'cept me. Neighbours, ladies in shops, my brothers.

Everyone acted like they weren't there. I used to hide from that face. Those days my dad always bought her big, yellow flowers and cards with poems. Well, you've got to be kind to be cruel. I hate the bloody sea, hate the day-trippers from Manchester and the students from Everywhere.

I hate the talking video games on the prom and the never-ending bingo. I live for the times when he wraps himself around me and roars me away on his monster motorbike. I feel so alive, so unsafe. You loved it too, that feeling, didn't you? She mimes swinging Jordan up in the air. I'm going to throw you away. One - two - three!

ad abbronzarmi - Translation into English - examples Italian | Reverso Context

The shrink I see in there, he says I wanted Davey to be my father. Crap, I say. I just always went for the dangerous ones. Moved towards the flame like a blind woman, drawn in, feeling the heat. I didn't want some sad fuck, did I?

Just average Italian - La Tana di Oberix

Or some poor sod dressed up as a hamburger, prowling round the shops. I didn't want someone as dead as me. And Davey was really dangerous.

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He took me away from the rain and the tea towels and the lard, all the way down the M6 to Portsmouth! I clung tightly to his back as we made our escape. All I took with me was some knickers and my tapes. We got a little flat together.